From adventures on my little Italian journey, to realizing my creative dreams, and everything in between.

"A place to call home" - Venice, Italy, 2013
25 postcards finished! Italy through my eyes… 

"A place to call home" - Venice, Italy, 2013

25 postcards finished! Italy through my eyes…


Hand-painted, one-of-a-kind, signed Italian postcards, as seen through my eyes, are being mailed to more than 40+ GoFundMe.com/PiccoloPetey contributors.  You’ll have to come visit me to see if I’ve illustrated the wonder of Italy accurately. =)
Send me notes and comment here as you receive yours! Pazienza…the Italian mail system can be is quite slow. 
Grazie mille for your support, love and encouragement.<3

Familiar Faces in Unfamiliar Places


A year ago, nearly to the date (of the above picture), I met Marcia in a beginners Italian class in Beverly Hills, California.

We had lots in common; social media managers, photographers (she better than I), travel junkies, Italy fiends and Italian-language novices (me more than her).

We grew together as we stumbled over “Soft Cs” and “Hard Gs,” “rolling Rs “and attention-craving “double Ts,” i.e. spa-ghet-ti. Through trial and lots of error, we began to fear the language a little bit less, and plan our European journeys a little bit more.

As you know, my journey includes a yearlong Masters program in Milan. Brace yourselves…Marcia’s journey includes 21 European cities photographing homes of emerging artists in just three months. For more information on her whirlwind experience click here. In bocca al lupo mia amica!

P.S. Marcia has a thing for flipflops…even in Iceland!

Maison Martin Margiela. The art of organized chaos.
Check out the website. Mindblowing. http://www.maisonmartinmargiela.com

Business Not As Usual

I’m in a whole new world, kind of like Princess Jasmine, but without the carpet ride and that one guy…

And the most fantastic thing about this experience is the Art of Observation. I mean, while this experience is new and different and unique and exhilarating for me…it’s completely normal for the Milanese.

So, I like to watch people. Nothing new there. But particularly, I like to watch people before I do something new and for the first time, you know, to avoid costly mistakes! (I’m no longer concerned with wasting time…time does not matter one minute here! But by American standards, I’ve wasted about 74.5 hours in three weeks)


  1. Keep your train ticket handy, you can not exit the turnstyle or depart to your final destination without it.
  2. Stand on the right side, walk on the left side, of the escalator. Do not disrupt this order.
  3. Our phone conversation is not over until we each say “Ciao” five times.
  4. To exit most businesses and apartments, you must push the white button to release/unlock the door. The mystery is always in finding where they’ve hidden this button.
  5. And my current favorite: Keep the really ugly doily curtain thing hanging on the window in your bathroom OR your neighbors will take pictures of you silhouettes of you showering.

In conclusion, observe your surroundings, because it’s interesting, safer, and you’re bound to learn something.

Love Petey.

"It’s been like that for a minute Hedi Slimane!!"

"I DON’T want any tourists!" - Professoressa

If you’re looking for me, I’m somewhere in these books. Don’t worry, I’m not alone, I have company and I’m pretty sure we will share everything in due time, including tears.

Travel for me…

Vintage Bianchi!!!! I’ve named her Margherita.
I’ve also vowed not to get attached. Bike theft is all the rage here.
The notables, the noticeables and the nonsense.
It’s Milan Fashion Week! I saw some of my favorites today, Anna Wintour, Anna dello Russo and Scott Schuman. Tons of paparrazzi, tons of girls dressed in their best “street style” in hopes of a photo request, tons of fashionistas killing it and getting damn near worshiped by everyone, everywhere.
Take this lady for example (I’ve pieced my perspective together to help illustrate my point)… Literally 50+ ran for this shot, including me, then one turned to me and said “And who is this?”
Ecco Bi Bi! Italian pitbulls are way too friendly. She greets me at my door, daily.